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The PCF toolkit provides diverse useful tools and templates which that can be used during the implementation of the People-Centred Framework Approach in countries. Some of these tools were developed as part of the PCF project, while others were developed independently by partner organization, found to be of added value during the PCF process. Please refer to the organisations’ website (links are provided for each tool) for more details.

PCF Dashboard

The PCF Dashboard is a data analytics tool developed as a DHIS2 metadata package to facilitate data accessibility and analysis,…

PCF templates

These are pre-defined downloadable templates (in Microsoft Excel, Word, or Power Point) that provide guidance and a framework for different…

PPA Wizard

The Patient Pathway Analysis (PPA) methodology combines data on care seeking and health service availability to better understand access to care. The PPA…

Other tools

These are tools developed by partner organizations that are complimentary and can support the implementation of the PCF process. Planning…

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