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PCF handbook

The PCF Handbook hosts the step-by-step implementation guides for the key components of the PCF Approach. It provides the necessary instructions, resources, tools and “tips & tricks” required to support countries implementing the PCF for TB programming process.

1. Operational guidance
3 Sections 17 mins read
2. Steps for planning and preparation
8 Sections 24 mins read
3. Data consolidation
8 Sections 162 mins read
4. Stakeholder consultative workshops
7 Sections 160 mins read

Introduction to the PCF Handbook

The People-Centred Framework Approach was developed to provide countries with a standardised and structured model approach to facilitate country driven, people-centred, optimised, evidence-based TB programming. The approach was first applied by 10 early adopter countries for NSP development and subsequent and subsequent Global Fund funding request preparation during 2019-2020. Based on the collective experiences and feedback, it was decided to create a to facilitate the future application in other countries. The handbook is intended as a complementary implementation aid to the 2019 published WHO People-Centred Framework for tuberculosis programme planning and prioritisation – User guide.

The PCF Handbook explains each step of the process, provides tools, templates and “tips and tricks” informed by early adopter country experiences. The handbook is seen as a “work-in-progress” and will change and improve with growing country experience and feedback. This format was chosen to ensure that the content remains relevant to programme and implementer realities – seizing new opportunities and responding to new challenges - in a fast-changing world.

The Handbook is meant for National TB Programmes and their partners (e.g., all relevant stakeholders involved in TB programming). It can be used as a step-by-step guide (beginning to end), as reference guide for certain steps, or basis for local adaptations. Throughout the guide we link and reference to relevant sections, additional materials, tools, and resources (internal and external)


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